Welcome to “La Cocina del Bacalao” (Cod Cuisine)!

From 17 February to 25 March, Tossa will be hosting the 7th edition of “La Cocina del Bacalao” (Cod Cuisine). Several first-rate local restaurants will be serving specially prepared dishes featuring this delicious fish so typical of Lent: cod!

For almost a whole month, cod will be the star of the show in our beloved town of Tossa.

In this, the seventh edition of the festival, eight local restaurants will be offering elaborate dishes – all including cod as the main ingredient: from cod brandade, to carpaccio, to traditional cod ratatouille. The restaurants taking part are: Bahia, Bahitossa, Ca la Carmen, Can Carlus, Can Pini, Casa Igor, Maestro de Azuela and Victoria.

Also well worth mentioning is the traditional Tossa fisherman’s stew “Cim i Tomba”. The origin of this dish goes back to the days when local fishermen would venture out to sea for days. They would take a little stove, charcoal, mortar and an iron pot with them to prepare this delicious, warming stew in their boats. It’s finger-licking good!

As you can see in this link there are menus for all tastes and budgets.

From as little as €20 you can discover how delicious – not to mention healthy – this fish is. Cod is highly prized for its high Omega 3 acid content. In addition, all the menus consist of three courses, meaning that your appetite will be well and truly satiated!

We urge you to come and taste “Cocina del Bacalao” for yourselves, while discovering our beautiful town. We’re sure you’ll love Tossa so much that you’ll want to stay long enough to really get to know it. We’ll be waiting for you here at Camping Cala Llevadó. It would be our pleasure to have you and your loved ones come and stay with us and discover the many delights of our Tossa de Mar.

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