Tossa castle

El castell de Tossa


Usually, what comes to mind when we think about Tossa are its coastline, its beaches and its bustle. We picture the fun, lively town with the beautiful old quarter that one can’t help falling in love with. But do you know the story behind the architectural jewel in Tossa’s crown: Tossa Castle? Read on to find out more!

Tossa Castle, declared a national monument in 1931, dates to the 12th century when the abbot of Ripoll built it as a defence against the pirates who would raid up and down the coast. Even local fishermen would pay the “castellatge del peix“: a type of tax that enabled them to fish nearby waters under the castle’s protection.

Relatively little remains of the original castle which was situated where the lighthouse is now. However, significant parts of the gothic Church of Sant Vicenç can still be seen.

The original layout of Tossa Castle included seven towers, of which three still conserve their own identity:

– The Tower of Joanàs, on the eastern side, was built close to the rocks, affording it fabulous views.

– The Clock Tower or Tower of Time, in the centre, near the town entrance.

– The gothic-style Stone or Homage Tower, on the western side, beside the Governor’s Palace, houses the Municipal Museum.

As well as defending the town from piracy, Tossa Castle, also played an important role in the War of Independence against the French in the 19th century. Its strategic geographical location meant it could afford protection to the whole bay.

Inside, the construction is equally remarkable. The Plaza de Armas contains a staircase that takes you to the beautiful Camino de Ronda coastal path, where you can conclude your historical walk with fabulous views.

Because of how easy and family-friendly it is, a visit to Tossa Castle has become one of the activities most frequently recommended by Camping Cala Llevadó to its guests. The walk has something for everything: history buffs, pirate-obsessed kids and anyone who simply appreciates a stunning view.

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