The route of the Dalinian triangle: not to be missed!


If we draw a line connecting Figueres, Portlligat and Púbol we get one of the most beautiful routes you can find within a relatively short distance from your accommodation in Camping Cala Llevadó. We encourage you to take this amazing trip and immerse yourself in the surrealism of one of the form’s greatest proponents: Salvador Dalí.

First stop: Figueres

In Figueres, you’ll find one of the most fascinating museums you’ve never visited: the Dalí Theatre-Museum, “the biggest surrealist object in the world”, was created by the artist himself in the 1960s when the mayor of Figueres – Ramon Guardiola – asked Dalí to donate an artwork to the Museu de l’Empordà. The artist responded by saying that Figueres deserved a whole museum, not merely an artwork. The museum was officially inaugurated in 1974.

This is what the eccentric genius had to say about his unique project:

“Where, if not my home town, should the most extravagant and solid example of my work endure? Where if not here? The Municipal Theatre, or what remained of it, struck me as very appropriate, and for three reasons: first, because I am an eminently theatrical painter; second, because the theatre stands directly opposite the church where I was baptized; and third, because it was precisely in the hall of the vestibule of the theatre where I gave my first exhibition.”

In this picturesque theatre-museum you can explore not only Dalí’s work but also his life and ideas.

Second stop: Portlligat

Once you’ve visited the museum in Figures we recommend that you go to Portlligat, in Cadaqués, where you’ll find Dalí’s House-Museum. Dalí lived here until his wife, Gala, died in 1982, and the artist decided to move to Púbol.

Dalí transformed this fisherman’s dwelling into an authentic labyrinth. Starting out from one point – “the hall of the bear” – Dalí designed his home “like a real biological structure.”

“A new cell, a new room is added by each new life impulse,” he explained.

But there’s more to Portlligat than the House-Museum. It is also one of the most beautiful villages on the Costa Brava. Its unique location between the sea and the mountains is certain to seduce you.

Third and final stop: Púbol

In this small village in the Empordà you’ll find Castillo Gala Dalí. Open to the public from 1996, this fascinating medieval castle was converted by Dalí into a mausoleum dedicated to his muse: Gala.

Everything in this space is designed to be a homage to her.

The Dalifantes are bound to draw your attention. These are the surrealist elephant-like sculptures which decorate the castle. Beside Gala’s tomb, there is a space reserved for the remains of the artist. In the end, however, Dalí was buried in Figueres.

After you return to your accommodation, we’re sure you’ll have a great time telling your friends and neighbours at Camping Cala Llevadó all about your weird and wonderful journey.

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