Here at Camping Cala Llevadó we give you the chance to cycle problem-free. Would you like to take to the trails? Or perhaps you’d rather travel by road? How about exploring a cultural route? Or maybe you’d rather seek out the most breathtaking views? You bring the legs and Pedalcat will take care of the rest.

If biking is your thing, the Costa Brava – especially the province of Girona – is the place to be. Where else will you find sun, sea, mountain, trails, tracks, roads, coastal paths, Romanesque treasures, museums, and even flat expanses of rice fields?

Just tell us what kind of cycling experience you have in mind and we’ll set up YOUR made-to-measure route. We can advise you about routes, distances, gradients, and difficulty levels… and even tell you where’s best to stop and catch your breath.

Pedalcat has an experienced group of professionals who can accompany you on your excursion, showing you where to go and ensuring that your trip is as memorable as possible. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to hop onto your MTB, road bike or e-bike and get pedalling!

To ensure you don’t have to worry about anything other than enjoying the ride, we’ll follow you by van. We can transport the bikes to the place you want to start your journey from, or we can pick you up from wherever you choose. We offer dependable en route security and mechanical assistance. We know what we’re talking about because it’s our passion and we want you to feel it too!

The option to depart from Camping Cala Llevadó or return here to relax after a unique cycling experience is something that separates us from the rest. Pedalcat’s peldge? That you’ll have a fantastic time! Prepare to experience nature in the company of an experienced local guide and enjoy the comforts of an idyllic bungalow upon arrival.

You’ll even be able to relive the route later in the company of friends and families, thanks to the wonderful photographic and video footage of your trip – starring you! – which will ensure you never forget your experience.

We’ll adapt to your timetable and to the number of people in your party. We can even arrange accommodation if you fancy trying a longer route. We’ll ensure that your experience is free of paperwork and last-minute unpleasant surprises. Everything will be under the control of true professionals who want you to enjoy a made-to-measure cycling holiday!

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