Llers: a spooky day out

Today’s tourist trip recommendation is the village of Llers, in Ampurdán: a place full of history and legend. As followers of our blog will know, all of us here at the Cala Llevadó campsite are keen to ensure that your stay in the Costa Brava is a wonderful, well-rounded experience. That’s why we wouldn’t want you to miss exploring the history of the area. In Llers, next to Figueres, you’ll discover plenty of history. Not to mention legends of witches and vampires!

If you make the journey from Tossa de Mar to Llers (just over an hour by car) you’ll find an old medieval town on the border between the ancient counties of Empúries and Besalú. The town’s strategic position means that it was heavily fortified. Llers Castle was the biggest of a dozen in the area. Today you can still see a huge cylindrical tower surrounded by a high wall. Over the centuries, other parts of the castle were taken down and used to build houses. Hortal Castle, near the town, is also worth a visit.

Llers is rich in legends as well as history. It was said that Llers was an important meeting spot for witches who would gather there once a year in covens. This legend is also explored in a book of poems from the 1920s and celebrated in the  Feria de las Brujas de Llers (The Festival of the Witches of Llers) that is well worth going to if you happen to be visiting during May.

But if you do make the trip to Llers – and end up getting lost in its ancient, winding streets – beware of Count Arnaldo Estruc. The legend says that after the Count was violently murdered, he returned to the town as a handsome seducer who sucked the townspeople’s blood and left the womenfolk pregnant. These poor women then gave birth to horrible creatures that died soon afterwards. That Arnaldo: what a charmer!

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