Find your treasure!


Chi kung is an ancient Chinese practice which seeks to harmonically synchronise the three vital elements: body, mind/heart and breathing. These elements are also known as our 3 TREASURES. That’s why Camping Cala Llevadó would like to invite you to become a ‘healthy pirate’ by searching for the most valuable buried treasure of them all: your vital energy!

Chi Kung (also spelled Qi Gongis a holistic system belonging to the same group as Tai chi and Reiki. Chi Kung shares the same basic philosophy as these more famous practices: to channel vital energy (Qi) through the body’s different meridians.

The literal translation of Chi Kung would be ‘the work of breathing’ and that is precisely what we’re going to experience consciously in some of the most idyllic locations in the Costa Brava, or in the relaxing comfort of your own patch if you prefer. You choose when and where, and we’ll show you how!

Have you ever wondered why nobody taught us how to breathe properly? When we’re babies we’re taught how to take our first steps, how to eat, even how to talk… but nobody teaches us the correct way to do the most basic, life-giving activity of them all: breathing.

People who practice Chi Kung assure that it helps to eliminate tensions and radically reduce stress. That may be why it is also known as ‘the fountain of youth’.

The harmonic synchronisation of the three vital elements makes us more aware of ourselves. And, by breathing correctly and balancing our body and mind, we ensure that the Qi flows. The improvements in our circulatory, endocrine and digestive system are remarkable. In addition, our immune and nervous systems are strengthened. The practice also helps prevent osteoporosis, as it improves elasticity and strengthens the skeleton.

Chi Kung is open to everyone, regardless of age, gender, and physical condition. You will be accompanied and supported by an experienced guide who will help you find your flow while exploring nature and visiting the secluded spots of Camping Cala Llevadó. The most valuable treasure is inside you. Don’t miss this opportunity to discover it!

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