Feel like kings in Cala Llevadó!

They are already here! One more year, the honourable three wise men and the distinguished Santa Claus landed at Camping Cala Llevadó.

As all of you know, our campsite is closed during winter but we always do an exception with them. They need to recharge their batteries before the frenetic period they have and we are pleased to know that they come to our little paradise. This time they have chosen the Eco Bungalows named “Cadiretes” because they wanted something really comfortable. Now they are here all day and don’t want to know about beaches, walks or forest outings. They are sick of being around the world and what they really want is relax. So here they are, enjoying long hot showers, succulent Christmas meals and tremendous naps… At night they play card games (all cheat), read, talk a lot, sing songs and sometimes they watch a film or series with the Wi-Fi and the TV of our cabins. In the eco bungalows, while they listen to the song of the birds they have confessed us they feel like real kings! And what is going on with Santa? He is set up in the bungalow next to the Three Kings, he is a little bit nervous because he has less days of holidays left, but he is enjoying these days as much as his friends and he has even invited them to drink tea and eat cookies on the porch a couple of afternoons. It also seems that between reindeers and camels there is a curious harmony. Cala Llevadó has seduced them all and they are even thinking about staying here forever. But keep calm! For all of you and all the children of the planet, we will try to change their minds.

The team of Camping Cala Llevadó, happy as we are for this lovely visit, want to wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New year. We want to thank you all the confidence and we look forward to have here again as soon as possible.


We open on the 11th of April in 2017!
Looking forward to it! We will be waiting for you!

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