Discover the “Toquen a córrer” and other early-summer attractions in Tossa

If you visit our campsite between late June and early July, not only will you avoid the busiest weeks of summer, you’ll also get to experience some of Tossa de Mar’s most traditional festivals. Of course, you’ll have to come back during the winter if you want to attend the town’s most iconic festival: El Vot del Pelegrí. We’ll tell you more about that at a later date! 

“Toquen a córrer” Ses nous sardanes. This is probably the highlight of the Festa Major de Sant Pere. The great appeal of this dance event is the sheer number of Tossa’s inhabitants who pour out into the streets to take part each July 2. Ses nou sardanes is a typical local dance, commemorating a local legend according to which the Mare de Déu dels Socors (Virgin of Succour) chased away the devil who was trying to carry off a local boy named Xixanet to Hell.

This dance alternates nine short sardanas with the toquen a córrer, a sort of gallop danced up and down Calle del Socorro (Succour Street) by groups of two women and one man, until the music stops and a new sardana starts. This is repeated up to nine times. The dance is completed with a waltz.

Els Catarres are the headliners of the 3rd Festival de Rumba y Música Catalana (Rumba and Catalan Music Festival), which coincides with the Fiesta Mayor (Annual Local Festival). In March, Els Catarres – a band formed in 2010 – released a new album after a three-year hiatus. They’ll be presenting songs from Todos mis principios on 29 June on Gran de Tossa beach. Other artists taking part in the festival are Doctor Prats, Sabor de Gràcia and Porto Bello.

But it’s not just singing and dancing. There are also a number of high-level sporting events taking place. First, on Sunday 1 July, is the 20th Travesía de Tossa de Mar swimming race, which involves swimming around the cape of Tossa: a total of 1,100 metres. There are also shorter races for less proficient swimmers. Meanwhile, the 16th Torneo Villa de Tossa de Fútbol Playa (The Tossa Town Beach Football Tournament), will be held between the 6 and 8 of July.

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