Squeeze into a wet suit and head to the river!

Barely an hour’s drive from hora Tossa de Mar, in the county of la Selva, you can find an ideal spot to go canyoning. Canyoning is an outdoor sport that has been around for more than 100 years. Catalonia happens to be full of both canyoneers and great places to practice it. Today, we’re going to focus on the ravine of the Riera de Mas Clavé, in the mountainous heart of las Guilleries, between Sant Hilari Sacalm and Anglès, close to the Costa Brava. If you’re already an expert canyoneer, you could go alone, but for beginners, it’s best to let a professional guide lead the way (visit the campsite reception for more information). Get ready for a day of adrenaline-fueled adventure.

With a permanent flow of water all through the year, the Riera de Mas Clavé is not the most challenging of ravines. But, with good rappels of up to 30 metres, it has something for everyone. It is surrounded by abundant natural beauty and is a mere 20 minutes’ walk away from the Sant Hilar to Osor road, along which you can park the car. Around four hours should be enough time to complete the descent. Everyone who’s done it has said that excitement is guaranteed. However, it’s important to remember that – as with any adventure sport – you must come prepared:

  • Make sure you have the equipment you need: neoprene suit, helmet and aqua socks (a type of special sock also made of neoprene).
  • Check the weather forecast, especially to avoid flooding due to heavy rains.
  • Always use ropes. Some slopes are very slippery.
  • You should also have at least some rappelling experience.

If you’ve always fancied having a go at canyoning, la Riera de Mas Clavé is a fantastic place to do so while connecting with nature in an idyllic spot.

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