Camping Cala Llevadó is delighted to offer another exciting new service to our valued customers. This time, we’re giving you a unique opportunity to enjoy the sea in all its splendour with Open Water.

Open Water gives you the chance to explore the depths (quite literally) of the Mediterranean Sea: the spiritual and adoptive mother of everyone who loves and enjoys life. The experience will seem more like a way of life than a sport – though it’s that too!

From Camping Cala Llevadó you will be able to access all the most wonderful places of Costa Brava form the same sea. You’ll have the best travel companions of all: the sea, the breeze, the pure blue sky – broken only by the emerald green pines lining the shore – and, most importantly, your own soul.

Living this holistic experience will enable you to explore your most intimate emotions in a natural, open environment.

Don’t worry if you’re not a strong swimmer, or if you’re not sure you can do it. Swim in a low rate is an experience that will reward you for sure. Consider starting with an easy route and with the experience you will end doing miles!

Water tours can be organised for groups as well as individuals. You can get an aquatic camera and keep taking beautiful and colourful photos. When you are tired a relaxing stop is waiting for you in the seashore but if you are an adventurous soul you can climb to a nearby rock to rest there. Always remember to bring pumps that will provide you comfort and security to climb until your resting spot.

Another recommendation is to use flippers if you want to go through faster and doing less effort. Use goggles to enjoy the subaquatic views. Take a small net in your waist with a knife can be useful in a certain moment and the net will be perfect to keep “treasures” like clams and nice stones that the youngest will be glad to collect. But remember to be respectful with the sea and its living beings!

Take this opportunity to ensure your stay at Camping Cala Llevadó recharges your batteries and helps you to destress. It’s time to plot a course across your interior, on-board your body and in harmony with paradisiacal surroundings.

We think you deserve it. Break with your routine. Improve your wellbeing. Give yourself the gift of serenity. Feel yourself breathing, expand your lungs and, above all, get ready to listen to your heart!

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