How about visiting one of our coves? 5 reasons you won’t be able to say no.

From Camping Cala Llevadó you’re just a stone’s throw away from three paradisiacal coves. You’ll see that they offer all kinds of advantages. Soon you’ll be enjoying the beach from another perspective! Let’s discover the coves together!

Our “menu” of coves

In Cala Llevadó you can find three beautiful coves, each one is unique, offering its own particular charms.

The first, Cala Llevadó, is the one our campsite is named after. It’s a pebble beach, so you don’t have to worry about sand getting between your toes! You can go kayaking there too, which is as fun as it is easy.

The second cove is called Cala de Carlos. It has pebbles too, as well as a beach bar. The bar doesn’t belong to the campsite, but we recommend it wholeheartedly as a great place to enjoy a drink beside the sea.

Finally, you can connect 100% with nature at Cala Figuera: a nudist cove with crystal-clear waters where you’ll feel totally free.

The five reasons


You never have to worry about these coves being overcrowded. We can’t guarantee that you’ll be completely alone, but you’ll definitely enjoy a lot more privacy than you would on a big beach.

Influx of public

Since the coves are hidden and a little trickier to gain access to, the crowds tend to pick the easier, more obvious places… meaning you’ll find fewer bathers in the coves!

Close contact with nature

Spending time in the coves means spending time in nature. Getting to the coves entails a beautiful stroll through woodland and, once you arrive, you’ll discover gorgeous, colourful landscapes. You’ll also have the chance to glimpse the sort of shyer species that avoid big conglomerations of people.

More sheltered

The coves provide far more shelter than the majority of large beaches: this is a big advantage on blustery days!

Easier to keep an eye on the kids!

Being smaller and more contained, the coves are perfect for families. You’ll be freer to move around while keeping a careful watch on your children as they enjoy the delights the coves have to offer!

Come and find out for yourselves… we’re sure that once you’ve visited our coves you’ll want to come back. In Cala Llevadó we’ll share in your pleasure… but we promise we’ll never reveal the location of your secret corners of paradise!

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