An Easy Hike To Start!

From Cala Llevadó Camping we can do a huge number of trips through marvellous places and spots where few people go just to arrive to bays and forests of immense beauty or to visit remarkable architectural pieces.
A good example of it is the first trip we are bringing up. We will meet the Torre des Moros and will arrive to Tossa!

The distance between the campsite and Tossa is fairly short, 3Km. We have a precisely indicator that shows the beginning of our route that will start by the Massís de Cadiretes.

This Mountain range belongs to the Natural interest space because it shows a large variety of indigenous trees as cork, holms or pines oaks among laurels and reeds typically Mediterranean but also some Atlantic spices as the sundews and moss Sphagnum subnitens.

To head for the Torre des Moros and Tossa, we should follow the yellow marks until we find the GR-92 that takes us to the village, but before arriving there, we will find a surprise from the medial architecture: The Torre des Moros.

It was built in the XVI century, when the pirates were up to their usual tricks on La Selva lands… It seems that it was in Felipe II time (1527-98) that the tower was raised as a defence, because there is a Royal decree issued in order to increase the watchtowers construction against piracy.

It was in 1997 that this tower was restored and with its two circular floors, became part of the Inventory of the Architectural Heritage of Catalonia.

Usually, this kind of towers could communicate between them. In this case, the tower we are talking about, could communicate with the Vila Vella lighthouse, the Agulla Pola tower or the Gorg Gitano tower. These are places we would talk in particular in another post so that we don’t lose track!

The Torre des Moros, as its name suggests, watched from the Can Magí hill the plain extended from the modern Tossa and its paths through the forests that lead you to the bays where the Saracen used to disembark. That is why the view from the tower are an authentic gift for our eyes!

Once the essential photos are done we will follow to the beautiful Tossa through the GR-92 (white and red colour) where we will arrive with all our senses charged with scent, colours, sounds and a few scratches to brag as medieval knights!

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