8 tips for keeping your caravan in top condition over the winter

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When winter comes, many people store their caravans away until warmer weather returns. Camping Cala Llevadó would like to offer you eight tips on how to keep your caravan in excellent condition so you don’t get any unpleasant surprises when you try and use it next spring.

Some handy tips to keep in mind

  1. Clean it: this is an important task that should not be neglected when summer ends. Clean the caravan thoroughly, both outside and inside, clean out the cupboards and the fridge, and leave everything spick and span for next season.
  2. Avoid potential freezing: drain the caravan’s air conditioning and water circuit, clean it with antifreeze. Empty the water tanks and use chlorine to clean them, rinsing repeatedly. Open the taps and drains. If you have butane in your gas bottle, protect this too so that it doesn’t freeze.
  3. Keep the caravan ventilated: we suggest you open the drain valve on the outside to prevent insects getting in. If you are going to hibernate your caravan it’s a good idea to leave all the doors ajar to facilitate the circulation of air. Close the heating and air vents and lubricate all the joints to prevent freezing. Fill the tank to prevent it from condensing and keep all the bedding and other items in a dry place so they don’t get spoiled by damp.
  4. Take care with the battery: if it’s not used the battery will probably run down so it’s a good idea to recharge it, place it somewhere warm, and test it from time to time.
  5. Brakes can be damaged by damp, causing the handbrake to stop working correctly. That’s why we recommend that you don’t use the handbrake when you park your caravan for the winter. It’s a good idea to leave first gear engaged.
  6. Protect the tires: place wedges to prevent the tires from becoming deformed from spending too long in one place. Fill them with air before hibernating your caravan and install hydraulic jacks at the anchor points to make the wheels lighter. Park your caravan with the wheels straight and cover them with plastic or cloth to protect them from the sun’s rays.
  7. Be careful with the bodywork. It’s a good idea to place a cover over the caravan and to park it somewhere flat and shady with no trees nearby.
  8. Start the engine twice a month: this will help prevent mechanical problems arising from inactivity or damp.

If you follow these handy tips your caravan will stay in tip-top condition, ready for you to enjoy your holidays at Camping Cala Llevadó next year. Book your spot now!

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