3, 2, 1… and relax

Finally, the last day at the office is here. The last “Good morning”, the last coffee with the chatterbox from Sales, the last emails to answer… Your table is tidied, and your finger is hovering over the off button of your PC a full minute before your working day ends. Then the clock strikes 5 PM and… holidays are here at last!

But do you really know how to make the most of your vacations? Are you the sort of person who finds it hard to wind down completely? For those who need a little help, here are five tips for powering down and enjoying a truly relaxing holiday.

  1. Forget your PIN. Let’s start with the biggest challenge of them all: put your smartphone and tablet away in a draw. Yes, even the work phone for office emergencies. Here’s your chance to catch up with your friends face-to-face. Tell them how you’ve been and what you’ve been up to. It’s like giving up smoking: the third day is the hardest: once you get past that, it’s plain sailing.
  2. A puzzle, a peak. Do at least one activity that you can’t do during the year. Treat yourself to a daybreak swim, climb a mountain, dust off that 2,000-piece jigsaw, immerse yourself in the latest Dan Brown bestseller. These are all ways of relaxing too.
  3. Meet new people. Whether you’re on a cruise, at a campsite, in a town or on a mountain, we’re sure there’ll be some interesting people to meet.
  4. This is difficult for some of us, but it can also bring great satisfaction. A wise man once said: “sometimes the best plan is no plan at all.” Sleep when you’re sleepy and eat when you’re hungry. And don’t plan what you’ll do tomorrow. Wait until tomorrow comes and then do exactly what you feel like doing. That way you’ll always do exactly what you need.
  5. Go minimalist. With just a backpack of provisions and a tent in the woods overlooking the sea you can reach a state of pure freedom. How about a weekend at our campsite? Relaxation guaranteed.

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